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Note : please note that it is a transcription into Arabic alphabet of the names phonetics. This translation is therefore an approximate match as certain sounds do not exist in the Arabic language (and vice-versa in English !). For example, Arabic has only three vowels : a, i and u.

Arabic Calligraphy Generator Is a free online tool that converts your Your name or your loved one’s name into arabic text with a nice Calligraphy if you are curious how does your name look in arabic text or you are just interested in arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is one of the most artistic and historical way to develop people communication which went under a lot of changes. This led to not only deploying it in writing but also relating it to cultural designs and decorations. As Islam became the religion widely known in the Arabian peninsula, it needs correct forming, knowledge of dimensions between letters, and ruled order using a pen or a brush with ink. The importance of this article lie in the time line extended from hundreds of years revealing cultural advancement till our days.

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